Women's Groups 

CNP/Kore Timoun monitrices facilitate Women's Groups in their communities that meet on a monthly basis. Women's Groups offer a safe and supportive environment in which women from the community can learn from each other and from their monitrice, as well as discuss issues which relate to their health and wellbeing. Monitrices educate women on a variety of topics aimed at making themselves and their families stronger and healthier. Topics include breastfeeding practices and support, clean water, sanitation and hygiene, family planning, good nutrition and nutritious recipes. Women are encouraged to ask questions and share their personal experiences as well as offer advice to their neighbors and friends.  

Women's Groups also provide the opportunity to learn important skills, including basic accounting, financial planning, leadership, and organizational skills. Women receive information on where to access legal, medical and psychosocial services, family planning services, and information and resources relating to gender-based violence. Over time, many of these groups have expanded to also act as loan collectives for small enterprises.

Finally, Women's Groups provide women with the opportunity to discuss issues affecting their families and communities, and a platform from which they can collaboratively devise solutions to these problems. Whenever outside help is needed to realize these solutions, CNP/Kore Timoun assists by sourcing outside organizations with expertise, and grants to fund these projects. CNP/Kore Timoun then works to bring communities and partners together, and provides project management support to ensure projects are realized efficiently and effectively. 

Below are the great women from the Women's Group in Belok, managed by CNP/Kore Timoun monitrice Fabrine (pictured above), who work hard to improve the outcomes of their children and community. The Belok group is just 1 of the 43 groups managed by CNP/Kore Timoun monitrices in Léogâne.