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Our Approach is

Sustainable and Haitian-led

Our Haitian staff work with communities to choose a community leader and health worker to lead initiatives and solutions for their community.


More than 87% of our team calls Haiti home.

With the support of public health professionals and support staff our Haitian team works alongside our communities and in collaboration with the local health system and our partnering non-profits, developing solutions to prevent and treat malnutrition by focusing on its root causes.

Whenever outside help is needed to realize these solutions, we assist by sourcing outside organizations with expertise, and grants to fund these projects. We then work to bring communities and partners together, and provide project management support to ensure projects are realized efficiently and effectively.



Our Monitrices play a leading role in our fight against malnutrition.

Monitrices are women chosen from their communities to educate and empower new mothers and their children on the path to health and wellness.