Our Values

Kore Timoun means caring for, or supporting, children. The Children’s Nutrition Program of Haiti (CNP)  — BELIEVES:

  • As a Christian organization our mission is to help raise a generation of healthy children who can then raise Haiti from poverty.
  • Health care is a basic human right.
  • In working hand in hand with all of God’s people in cultivating Haitian-born solutions utilizing respect, compassion and kindness.

    Our Vision

    CNP/Kore Timoun envisions a Haiti where children grow up healthy in empowered communities that raise them to attain their full human potential, and bring lasting progress and prosperity to Haiti.

    Our goal is not charity, but empowerment. We are guided by principles that recognize health as an outcome of social and economic determinants and draw on best practices in global health and on the lived experiences of the communities in Léogâne. We work alongside our communities and in collaboration with the local health system and our partnering non-profits, to prevent and treat malnutrition by focusing on its root causes.