Community Participation

Central to CNP/Kore Timoun is a commitment to engaging communities in participating in making decisions about their health. The purpose of this principle is twofold:

  1. It is based on the belief that involving communities in the development of their health care has an empowering effect on communities themselves which in turn has a beneficial effect on health.
  2. That consultation with the community will translate into health services that better suit the needs and realities of that community and will instill a sense of ownership that will ensure sustainability of services and improvements in health outcomes.

CNP/Kore Timoun is committed to employing Haitian community nutrition workers (known locally as monitrices) who are selected by their communities to who provide nutritional support and health education to the families in their communities. Monitrices work hard to involve local people in making their communities stronger by helping them address the root causes of poor health and nutrition. Click here to find out more.