What CNP/Kore timoun is doing

Since its inception, CNP/Kore Timoun been involved in projects that increase equitable and sustainable access to safe water and basic sanitation services. Currently, CNP is working with the community of Baret, deep in the mountains of Léogâne, to establish latrines for the community. The idea for the Barèt latrine project was formed during one of the community's Health Committee meetings, a committee formed and supported by monitrice, Sultanne. The project is a collaboration between CNP/Kore Timoun, the community of Barèt and the Chattanooga Breakfast Rotary Club, who fund the project.


A Community Led Sanitation Approach has been adopted, which is a method proven to bring about sustainable behavioral changes in sanitation and hygiene practices. An emphasis has also been placed on providing education to community members on best sanitation and hygiene practices; which is carried out by monitrice Sultanne and health committee president Sorel.  

Community members are heavily involved in all aspects of the project, from decision making to construction. This ensures community ownership of the latrines and sustainability of the project. 

The project is currently in the construction phase, and employs local builders to construct 100 latrines by spring 2016. Ninety-seven of these latrines have been allocated to households, two for the local school and one for the local church.